Term Coaching™ 

What is Term Coaching™

After talking with a VERY large number of companies, it seems that the biggest obstacle to using coaching within a company was the lack of a clear idea as to how much it will cost. Most coaches want a client for a VERY long time….which makes many clients anxious…especially for levels below the “C-Level”. Term Coaching is all about providing coaching and support services to any level within a company for a fixed length and fixed pricing.

What Problems Can Term Coaching™ Help Solve?

Simply put, Term Coaching™ is about the client thinking for themselves, just not by themselves. Often, people don’t know why they are having problems….they don’t know how to communicate with others about those problems, or they have tried to exhaustion….and still don’t know what to do. And the company doesn’t want to lose a very valuable resource!!

We can help you retain that person….help that person be more at ease with themselves…and have a more clear direction as to what to do next.

Specifically, What Can We Help Someone Deal With?
Personal Development.

Communications and Leadership/Supervisory issues. I’m struggling with not communicating well, I can’t seem to pull a team together, or I find myself at odds with my peers.

Promotion Obstacles.

I’m not being promoted as quickly as I had wanted or worse, I’m getting – or have gotten- a promotion and I feel overwhelmed!

Transition/Transfer Issues.

I’m moving from a staff position to a management position or a management position to an executive position or even from one department to another and I need to talk with someone about how best to make that transition.

Lack of Energy to Do My Job.

Why am I so tired when I start work in the morning? How can I regain the energy I once had for my job?

How can coaching for such a short time be of any lasting value?

It’s all about the clarity and the plan.  We will work together to clarify EXACTLY what you need to do…..then we will construct a plan – YOUR plan – to achieve that goal.  Again, thinking for yourself…just not by yourself.   Laser focus and a tight plan.  This is not a coaching style for the timid.

And the big question – HOW MUCH DOES IT COST???
Term Coaching
Silver 45-50 min./session
Once each week
(4 times/month)
One (1) Month (renewable) $900/mo
Gold  Two (2) Months (renewable) $800/mo
Platinum Three (3) Months (renewable) $700/mo
One Time Discussion Frequently used by management who need to de-stress or confide One 45-50 minute phone call $350
The Fine Print.

Each client has to want to participate in the coaching process.
You can’t force someone into coaching. Coaching is such a personal process; it just isn’t a good use of time to finesse someone into “improving themselves”. If, upon discussion, the individual does not want to be coached, the program will be terminated and payment for any remaining sessions will be reimbursed.

Each program is assigned to an individual.
For example, a company can’t assign three people for one month each at the Platinum Level pricing.

Payment for coaching services is in advance.
This is easily accomplished through the invoicing system we will set up for your convenience. If a company has a desire for multiple people to be coached, an invoice system to accommodate that may be constructed. Please contact Brian O’Brien at 301-682-8382 to discuss this arrangement.

Regarding reports to the purchasing manager; coaching is a very personal activity.
The International Coaching Federation (that I’m part of) Code of Ethics is very clear about sharing client information with others. It is recommended that the client routinely speak with a superior or the purchasing agent about what information/plan/execution should be shared and with what frequency. In the event that extensive coaching services are provided, a corporate or HR-based policy might be advantageous.


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