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For over 25 years, Myriad Performance Services, Inc has provided coaching, training, and staff development for companies all over the world. 

Myriad Performance Services, Inc. is a corporate coaching and training consulting firm located near Baltimore, Maryland. For over 25 years, we have provided coaching, training, and staff development for companies around the world. We specialize in helping companies use blended coaching, facilitation, and training to develop, grow, and utilize their personnel.

We differentiate ourselves from other consulting firms in that not only do we provide sound, qualified coaching and training, but we are also able to provide practical step-by-step procedures which allow our customers to maintain their self-reliance. When we work – it’s not by accident! When we leave – the improvement process will continue! Instead of relying on a horde of consultants to change your operating environment, we use our expertise to assist and teach your people to be successful one person…one class…at a time!!

Additionally, we are proud to use some of the finest subcontracting consultants the East Coast has to offer. We are able to provide the best analysts, trainers, coaches and process designers for our clients through our extensive network of experts. By minimizing our overhead we are able to offer a lower total price and best value for our services.

We take an entirely different perspective on time; specifically, your time. When you hire us, we are working to make your life easier. To that effect, it is our explicit policy to get the job done as quickly as possible – then back out of the way so you can get on with your business.

Client satisfaction is not only important – it is critical to the successful continuation of our business. To that effect, Myriad Performance Services, Inc. has a policy of meeting the highest quality of performance. We WILL get the job done!

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