A Proven Leader In Coaching,
Training and Staff Development. 

Brian O’Brien is the President of Myriad Performance Services, Inc., an international training and coaching firm located in Frederick, Maryland. Brian has completed projects ranging from Baldrige Quality/ISO assessment to the design of training systems used by European nuclear industries.

Since 2000, Brian has been working as a coach for business clients and has met the requirements for an MMC and the ICF/PCC. As a UMBC ISD graduate, Brian has utilized his analytical and instructional skills to develop the One Team™ corporate coach training system and The Leadership Suite™, a fresh approach to the development of effective leadership worldwide.


  • 2007 Achieved International Coach Federation certification as Professional Certified
    Coach (PCC)
  • 2007 Completed certification as a Master Mentor Coach (MMC)
  • 2007 Completed certification as a Print Coach
  • 2007 Completed certification as a Master Business Coach (MBC)
  • 2007 Completed the Coachville Certification Program (CV-CC)
  • 2006 Completed the Coachville Graduate School of Coaching Program
  • 2005 Completed the Thomas Leonard (TLC) Coaching Program at Coachville
  • 2005 Completed training Auditor for the MD State Senate Quality Award Program
  • 2005 Completed Coachville School of Coaching program
  • 2001 Certified Developer and Instructor for Information Mapping, Inc.
  • 1996 Master’s degree in ISD (Performance Technology) from the U of MD
  • 1992 Completed training for ISO-9000 Lead Auditor (UK)
  • 1986 NRC SRO Certification at North Anna Power Station; Docket #55-20791
  • 1984 ISD Procedures Course provided by Dr. Gail Raynor; Assistant Director of
    Training and Education at F.S.U.
  • 1982 Completed Energy Consultants SRO Certification Program
  • 1981 Completed Combustion Engineering SRO Certification Program on Calvert Cliffs,
    full-scope simulator – NRC approved
  • 1980 University of Delaware; Completed B.S. degree Ops Management, Chem. Eng.;
    Minors in Chemistry and Mathematics


Association Participation & Leadership
  • Member International Coach Federation (ICF) and ICFMetroDC chapter member
  • Member of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD),
  • Former Coordinator for the Western Maryland SIG
  • Former President of the Chesapeake Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)
  • Leadership Council of the Jefferson School; a program of the Sheppard Pratt Health System Utility,