Customized Training and Procedure Development 

What Type of Training Do You Need?

We have been providing training for over 25 years. We are both advocates and heavy users of the ISD Methodology. We don’t just use the process…we’re contributors to the science of instructional design. We have conducted analysis of operators in Russian nuclear power plants, we’ve designed training for the health care industry, we’ve developed training and procedural materials for many government agencies, we’ve implemented training for platform operators in the Middle East….and we’ve conducted evaluation for ALL of that training. If you’re a government agency, a corporation, a non-profit…..we’re the company you’ve been looking for!! So, what can we do for you?!!

icon-1teamOne Team

Our One Team™ program has rocked the world of coach training. We provide a unique blend of focused training, extensive practicum, and critical assessment to train those personnel within your company to become the best possible coaches. We will train your rank and file employees on how to use coaching and mentoring through our “Essentials of Results” and “The Advocate Mentor” programs. We’ll train your supervisors to become powerful mentors. We’ll train selected individuals on how to become qualified …certified… Certified Business Coaches™. Finally, a select few, will have the opportunity to become Certified Master Coaches™. This is, without a doubt, the finest coach training program you will find…anywhere!!

icon-lineTechnical Training

When we say that we have a firm background in technical training….we don’t mean that we “dabbled” in heavy industry. We draw from a strong background in the power generation industry. We have a firm grasp of what it means to be trained… when it matters…and what it means when you say that what you do affects others…in a big way. We’ve developed training for the biggest financial houses, the largest power plants around the world, import/export license training in far off countries, simulation training for virtually every type of fossil plant there is. If you need technical training done…we can do it. Just ask!!

icon-waveMaterial Development

Material development has been our “bread and butter” since the start of Myriad. We’ve developed training programs for probably half the power plants in the country. We’ve developed procedures, OJT materials, audit materials, licensing materials, presentations, workshops, seminars…good heavens…if you can think of it…we’ve probably developed it for someone, somewhere!! We can definitely… DEFINITELY… work to meet your needs!!

Procedure Development

We believe that procedures are the lifeblood of the smooth operation of any organization.  Procedures aren’t designed to be rigidly adhered to…or else.  A procedure is a guide to “what worked yesterday in the hope that it will still work tomorrow”.  We believe that procedures should guide the routine user on a daily basis and not merely observed then put on the shelf.  That is obviously an organizational issue; however, if design properly and reinforced effective, procedures can be a real value to uniform operation.  Our procedure for writing procedures is very simple:  we identify what procedures are necessary, we label the procedure (harder than it sounds), we review any relevant documentation, we discuss the content with both the supervisor and the experienced user (the heart of the procedure), then we write the procedure.  We can provide a format or we can incorporate any procedure you might have.  Then, after a review by the client, we incorporate all of the changes into the document for final delivery.  Clean…easy…and quick.

Scope & Costing
Procedure Development Corporate, Operational or ISO  Procedures By project or $50/hour
Presentation of existing training materials Your materials or my existing materials; minimal revision $75/hour, door to door
Development of original training plans and materials Using the ISD methodology; we’ll analyze, design, and develop any training that you need. By project or a maximum of $100/hour

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