ccsConcentric Coaching System ($499.00)

(no charge for local delivery)


The system boxed set includes:

  • The book written by Brian Patrick O’Brien (available as well on – The book describes in detail the Concentric Coaching System (CCS) process we use to provide our coaching.
  • The MAP – the MAP is a full color, indexed reference guide to the path used by our coaches through the CCS
  • Questions at a Glance – the complete guide to assist the new or experienced coach in selecting the perfect question for moving the client through the process. Our process – their issue.
  • Coach Workbook – the manual which provides all of the support tools for actually conducting the Discovery sessions, the first call, the support calls, and the final call – closing out the coaching period.
  • Client Workbook – the manual we use to assist the client in knowing exactly what we need to know….and the client needs to examine…during the coaching experience. Similar to the Coaching Working, the Client Workbook provides all of the Discovery documents, etc.
  • A number of other pamphlets and documents that include, how to use the system, a tracking and documenting log, a client meeting tracking form, and other useful coaching documents.
Special Pricing Available.
  • Call for available quantity discounts, non-profit, or military pricing.
  • Each company which uses our coaching service for at least one client at the Platinum level will receive a complimentary copy of the Concentric Coaching System book and a full color copy of the MAPP – at no additional cost.


Contact Myriad at (301) 682-8382 for a custom quote that will meet your specific needs.

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